»Where do we find beauty?«

In something that appeals to us, that seems particularly coherent and exciting at the same time. 
It evokes a feeling. And no matter how we encounter this feeling it describes the space in which we feel comfortable and in which we find beauty.
Our own sweet spot.

With HUG SPECTACLES, we describe our sweet spot. A spectrum in which we work and create. Just like in real life, it is about finding your own balance.
Because this search is always defined by opposites.

Enjoying the fullness of life and yet reducing ourselves to the essentials.
To feel belonging and at the same time a sense of individuality.
Taking a stance and remaining open at the same time.

In the end, it’s about being allowed to make decisions.
A privilege that shapes our brand and our design.

Created by three minds with the same ambitions, Thomas Hobmaier, Frederic Utz & Jochen Gutbrod together shape HUG. And as simple as our initials come together, the meaning is just as beautiful and fitting for us – an embrace.

HUG SPECTACLES is our own definition of luxury:
An awareness of what is truly valuable and desirable today.
Being able to decide how to live, think and act.

»A new
for luxury