This piece of luxury eyewear was created to be your companion

Each pair of HUG eyewear is created through a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and over 100 steps of manual craft. In addition, there is tons of know-how developed and passed on through generations in the manufacturer’s family.

Genuine craftsmanship – Made in Germany.
Fairly and sustainably produced locally – no need for greenwashing.

Our designs are not fancy, but timeless and yet unique.
our idea is to create something that is not popular, but has substance.

Glasses that will be your companion, that will hug your face and make you feel good, even if you get the blues once in a while.

leather goods

Our cases are made in certified artisan workshops in India, that carry on their millennia-old tradition of leather processing.

The material is exclusively vegetable tanned without any harmful substances. Furthermore, the workshops guarantee outstanding working conditions and fair wages to make you receive a valuable and fair product.

And the longer you use it, the more beautiful it becomes.

»a hug is
always the
right size«


in Germany - made
to last«